We know you have many questions about remodeling projects. We are ready with our answers to the most frequently received queries.



We have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions about our services. If you have some more queries, write to us, and we will address them individually.



Yes. In most cases, you can live in the house, but the area where the work will be in progress may not be accessible due to safety reasons. The nature of the project will determine whether you can stay in the house during renovation. For clarity, we can discuss the requirements and opportunities. Getting entry into the kitchen or bathroom can be slightly difficult. We will ensure you get them in the perfect shape and form without delay. Our team delivers most projects in less than one day based on the scale of work for your convenience.

Some tasks require prior permission, while others do not. Small-scale kitchen cabinet removal, floor covering installation, minor changes in the position of the staircase handrail, an interior door replacement, interior trim installation, paint and wallpaper installation, and other remodeling tasks can happen without a permit. But permission might be necessary if you install a drop ceiling, modify the kitchen cabinet footprint, or install new doors and windows outside. You can apply for permits with the Building Inspection Office. Some forms can be available online, also. 

Every client comes with unique requirements. But there are some typical steps. We will schedule a consultation meeting to understand your home improvement goals when you reach out to us. Based on the initial discussion and inspection, we will present you with a detailed, customized plan, keeping the budget, time, and expectations in mind. You can review and revise/ approve suggestions. Both parties will sign a contract before the work begins. Immediately after this, our professionals will visit your home to perform the duties you engaged them for – tiling, painting, decorative plaster, repair, or remodeling, 

Yes! We remove all the dirt and debris before leaving the premises. It is a common practice that the entire team follows, regardless of whether they must return to work at the same site the next day. Your and your family members’ safety is our topmost responsibility. Whether we have a painting, tiling, drywall repair, backsplash improvement, or any other task, you will get your area clean and spot-free on the day’s end. We also ensure safe waste disposal by abiding by the area’s guidelines.

Our remodeling team will take care of the home makeover project end to end. After goals and budget discussions, the specialists start their task, which usually involves prepping the surface first. We will help you select materials, styles, and colors for the type of work you need. A foreperson or supervisor will be in touch with you to give you regular updates on the progress during the entire cycle. Meanwhile, you can continue to focus on your other critical tasks.



If you are busy and need an affordable makeover trick, cabinetry painting work will give you the best satisfaction. Refacing projects tends to be expensive and time-consuming. A fresh coat of paint on the cabinets can conceal all the imperfections, such as dents, damage, or stains. Refacing projects involve the replacement of the front parts of the cabinetry. While it seems cheaper than replacement, you will only save a little. The temptation of cutting costs will be short-lived when reality hits you. Hence, it’s better to choose painting. What do you feel?

Home improvement can be an enjoyable experience if you hire the right contractors. Most people struggle when a place like a kitchen becomes inaccessible. You can navigate through the remodeling phase quickly with prior preparation. You may feel decisions about the paint and flooring will keep you occupied. So, how do you plan other things? With Gedi’s Projects, you don’t need to worry about this. We can help you find the perfect match for your kitchen décor theme, whether it includes tiles, paint, backsplash, or some other details. We will customize everything you need.

This busy corner of your house withstands wear and tear throughout your lifetime. But aging is a natural process, which will have its warning signs. Still, you can restore much of its health with some easy hacks. The holes or cracks in the drywall can look ugly. We can repair them. New paint can infuse new energy into the surroundings, with walls, ceilings, cabinets, and everything else looking more attractive than ever. New countertops and backsplash installations can also produce efficient visual and functional charm. Yes, you can also change the flooring.

The project cost can be a subjective factor. Some most sought-after remodeling jobs that are powerful and affordable include cabinetry painting, backsplash and countertop upgrades, etc. You can get more desirable results by combining them with other activities like changing under cabinet lighting, refreshing cabinet doors and drawers with new hardware, modifying flooring tiles, etc. These smaller projects can be highly satisfying. With time, budget, and mind space, significant upgrades can be easy to choose. We will be happy to serve you if you need any help in this area!

The scope and nature of work will determine this. If only one portion of the kitchen requires improvement, you can use the other. However, safety is a priority. Avoid risks. During significant makeover attempts, you can expect your access to get hampered. But don’t worry about this as you can make other arrangements for your food and drinks. Set up a temporary kitchen with essential ingredients and tools. Or use food delivery services. On a sunny day, you can opt for grilling outside. Our team will ensure you enter your kitchen soon without any delay.



Bathroom remodeling can be complex or simple, depending on the tasks required to make this place look fresh. Regardless of the requirements, there will be a discussion phase, inspection, estimation, prep work, actual modifications or repairs, fishing touches, and final check. You can have certain expectations from this private space. Let us know what you want to change here and why. We can help you with suggestions to enable you to enjoy your decision more. Also, we will explain to you how we approach a specific bathroom remodeling project after listening to your concerns.

Just as the bathroom remodeling cost depends on the scale and nature of the job, the amount of time required to complete a task varies based on your needs. The condition of the existing features plays a critical role. However, there are some quick ways to give your bathroom a facelift. Bathtub re-glazing, hardware updates, and other services don’t need much time. The impact can be fast and efficient. However, projects like granite installation can require some patience. Still, we work around your schedules to make things happen at your convenience.

Typically, renovations are easy projects, such as painting the walls and ceilings, updating cabinets, etc. The project will help you revamp this space’s look and feel without modifying its structure and functionality. Remodeling usually transforms the functionality and design of this area. Installing new tiles, bath systems, and others can be part of this. Some companies use the terms renovation and remodeling interchangeably. The scale of work in both cases depends on individual choices. Since these tend to be smaller areas, most improvement projects can wrap up quickly. If you still have any confusion, please tell us!

Remodeling can change your old bathroom completely. It requires time and money, but the decision will be easy when you see its condition. For example, bathroom tiles age faster due to moisture, steam, and chemicals. Suppose the flooring is not safe; the fall risk increases. Chips, scratches, and other wear and tear reveal that it can soon be a tripping hazard. Likewise, peeling wallpaper and paint can spoil its aesthetics. The risk of mildew increases because of the damaged bathroom walls. It is another safety concern. 

Most Greater Madison homeowners assume bathroom remodels to be an expensive project. But not all tasks are demanding unless you have to tear down subfloors or wall studs. However, quick updates like wall or ceiling paint, floor tile upgrade, cabinet refresh, and others can be affordable. You can change the aesthetics of your old bathroom with a coat of fresh paint and new sink or faucet installations. And these require not only less time but also less budget. We might assist you! Contact us if you have any specific remodeling goals to figure out.

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